About Justin

Hey! I’m Justin. I’m an engineer and product person living in North Bend, WA.

Justin enjoying a glass of red wine

I’m currently working with the good people of Riot Games as a Technical Producer. I primarily work on the roadmap, strategy, and vision for the technologies and services behind League of Legends.

In the years before games, I spent a majority of my career building and delivering healthcare software. Healthcare in the United States is fundamentally broken and I am grateful to have spent a huge chunk of my life chipping away at hard problems in this space. I’ve had the pleasure to work with super innovative teams at Sharecare, Elation Health, and 98point6.

I spend my personal time playing games, skiing, and taking photos.

A large share of my games hobby is occupied by pursuits in Destiny 2, where I stay “current” to support Team Brenda in our quest for a World First title. Before coaching Team Brenda, I was on the PRIMEGUARD team that achieved the World’s First clear of Vault of Glass: Destiny’s first raid. After PRIMEGUARD, I co-founded another Destiny clan, Math Class, alongside a few of my best friends.

In addition to Destiny, I love playing VALORANT. I don’t have a deep history with tactical shooters. However, my lizard brain craves some flavor of hyper-competitive environment, previously occupied by a local Halo LAN scene. VALORANT has filled that gap. I enjoy climbing ranks in the competitive playlist and working to improve my skills.

During winter, I try to be in the mountains as much as I can. I was first introduced to skiing in 2018 by my wife, Chrissy, and now count it as my favorite hobby. Like games, I thrive on improvement and growth. I was able to start doing black rated runs and off-piste trails in the winter of 2021 and am looking forward to being competent enough to make my way into the backcountry soon.

I also greatly enjoy photography. I picked it up during 2020 and have continued to fall deeper down the rabbit hole ever since. I love shooting RAW on my iPhone, but still also greatly enjoy carrying around a mirrorless camera. My current kit is a Sony a7riv.

You can contact me through email or find me on Mastodon.

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